Angel stories with MarilynMarilyn humbly credits the information that is received during each private session, and in the workshops, to God, the Angels, Masters, Guides and ascended loved ones. She opens herself up to All Divine-level Communication with the pure intention of being the conduit of messages that will aid those who are ready to spread their wings, understand, and flourish.  

The Angels have the roadmap of our past, present, and future, and hence know what is best for us at all times, they know the answers to our questions, and they know what we wrote on our mission statements before we entered this life. They are always with us and are longing to help us reconnect to our truth of being, but because of free-will, they are unable to step in* unless we ask for their help.

Are you longing for answers and directions? Do you “miss” yourself and want to find yourself again? There are answers for you. There are directions and solutions. There is no need to suffer any longer in the numbed state of avoidance, getting by, or muddled in conformity of what is not you.

Asking for Divine-level assistance can help with soul-direction and may bring answers to questions that have been plaguing you.

Color version copyFew have not felt the shifts and changes as the human realm makes a marketable escalation in conscious thinking and awareness; in fact, the biggest proliferation in history.

This reformation can be experienced and witnessed physically, energetically, and emotionally, and because the energies with this shift are so concentrated, it can sometimes make people feel they are in upheaval, and in a turmoil-laden spiral…out-of-control, confused, lonely and sad. Often people are unaware that the problems they are experiencing are related to this heightened awareness period.

Are you longing to be fulfilled in your life and currently feel that you are not? Perhaps you are experiencing some of the above emotions, or a longing for something, and you just do not know what or why. Separation from your path thus, inability to achieve your mission statement can create these perceptions.

Is it time for you to ask for help…ask for a flashlight to find your way?

Marilyn never knows what messages will be communicated, and who will be conveying the messages. She works in an Angelically protected space and asks for information that will align with your highest and greatest good for improvement, progression, and elevation.

*to clarify, God and the Angels are able to step into a soul’s life if it has been written in their mission statement before entering this life.

Marilyn is available for phone sessions as well as in-person.

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