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From Marilyn“Interestingly, nearly every person that submitted their story for “On An Angel’s Wing” prefaced it by saying to me, “I am not sure if this is an Angel story or not.” You may be feeling the same way and are hesitant about sending your story. I have copied a few of the stories that are in “On An Angel’s Wing” below. When you read them, you will feel the Angelic intervention and then be reminded that the person who shared it was not sure at first.

“Help comes in many ways and always comes to those who ask. Sometimes the help comes in ways that we do not recognize at first, or it may not come in the exact way that we asked for, but it will always come, remember to have Full Faith in this truth. The help is sent in a way that will best serve you by Divine that already has a vision of what tomorrow looks like for you.”  

As Promised-….below are 3 examples of how the real-life Angel stories submitted for the first “On An Angel’s Wing” were written into the book.

Bridgitt’s Story-

“Beautiful Soul, you have another assignment. You will attend this assignment on your own too. You will be equipped to help this case, because you will be able to feel what needs to be done.”

 “Yes, teacher, I shall do as you request.” She felt herself prepare for the shift and readily accepted the tingling sensation associated with it. She found herself in the midst of beautifully fragrant flowers, the colors and smells were so compelling and captivating that She wanted to absorb all that She could. The floral aromas, coupled with the scent of freshly cut lawn permeated the air and her senses and triggered memories of times gone by, of her lives gone by in the human realm. She remembered these earthly bouquets, they are like perfumes for the soul, evoking joy and filling one full of natural earthly energy when recognized. She sensed this woman filled herself with the same natural energy when she was around these realms. It was a place where this woman could go and feel happy and at peace. The earth realm, nature realm and fairy realm were all present with the woman. 

The woman was not aware of how much these different realms came to her when she was with them, watering the flowers, enjoying the beauty, smelling their beauty. It was as though these realms danced with happiness when this woman was with them, happy because this woman appreciated all the effort that it took to create such beauty. Happy because they knew many humans did not show such respect and gratitude to the works of art created by these realms. Most humans do not see the flowers shaken by the fairies so that they will be noticed and smelled to their fullest potential. This woman sees the beauty of a flower, she allows her senses to fill with the beauty that was intended for the human realm to enjoy. This woman does not yet realize that she is not alone when she is in her garden, she only knows that it is a place of beauty, a place that makes her feel good and happy and takes away any stress that may have clung to her during the day.

 It was just that reason that lured her to her sacred garden that day, the stress of a human life experience that is often taken as a casualty. The woman stood in her chapel, nourishing the very things that nourished her back.

She watched as the woman unknowingly interacted with things she did not see. She felt the heaviness of the woman’s energy. The woman was filled with much sadness and fear. A cloud of forlorn hung over her, tears rolled down her checks. She watched as the realms, with fullest might, worked to cheer her, to bring her the joy that she often felt while with them in this sacred spot, but to no avail. She heard the woman’s unspoken words; pleading words to God and the Angels asking for help. She felt this woman’s words come directly to her. She had received the assignment from God to show this woman that her prayers had been heard. That all a human has to do is ask for help and then the Angels can step in and help. They cannot help without an invitation. Not all prayers will be answered exactly as they are asked, but they will be heard and answered to the greatest benefit of the humans that are involved, in alignment with their purposes for their life at the time.

She heard this woman’s prayers. She felt this woman’s fears and anguish.

 She raised herself in the sky and expanded the energy around her. With intention She created herself as brilliant sparkling jets of golden light in a blanket of Angel dust. She hovered in front of the woman long enough for the woman to fully see the radiance of the display. The woman watched the gleaming luminescent cloud of light at first with uncertainty,  confused with the presentation. Not knowing what she was seeing, if it was real, a reflection off of something, perhaps the water she was using in her garden. The woman moved the spray of water’s direction, the effervescent display continued, more vibrantly than before. The woman dropped the hose to her side and stared at the unearthly brilliance in front of her.

She felt the woman realize the communication that was being shown to her. She saw the woman smile. She felt the energy of the woman shift, as though the heavy darkness that she was encapsulated with was dropping off, a section at a time, as though an egg were being peeled of its shell. The woman stood tall and began glowing.

She drew near to the woman and wrapped the woman with her wings, cradling her softly and gently so that she could feel the full pure love from Creator. She pulled away from the woman, but left a blanket of the pure love around her, a blanket that would shelter her and protect her from the harms the woman had once feared. She touched the woman’s temple and a jet of Divine light entered the woman, light that would awaken in the woman the truths of her being, the truths of her strengths in desires and goals, the strengths that were her truths for overcoming obstacles. She gave her a permanent wave of recognition of self, so the woman would have peace and not fear or doubt the infinite possibilities of determination when directed by pure love.

The woman nearly stumbled in reaction to all the information that she just witnessed and received knowingly and unknowingly.

 The woman was at peace. She wanted to scream to the world that she had just witnessed a miracle. She wanted to cry, because she was so humbled by the visitation. The woman did neither, she picked up the hose and continued watering her sacred space, this time smiling and radiating from the Divine intervention that bestowed upon her a wealth of information that would make itself fully known throughout the years ahead.

 After about ten months after my X-husband told me that he no longer wanted to be married and we were now in the finalization of our divorce.  I had experienced a moment that I will never forget. It was getting dark and I was in my backyard watering my grass thinking about how in the world am I going to be able to raise my two daughters on my own, stay in my house and work full time.  I had whispered and asked God to show me a sign that I am going to be fine and that everything will work out. At that moment as I was watering I saw a glitter of gold sparkle through the air. At first I thought is was the reflection of the water and the street light, but it was larger then the spray of water and it floated for what seemed to be liked three to four seconds. I wanted to run into the house and tell my daughters, but I thought they would think I was crazy.  Then I didn’t want to tell anyone because I thought if I did I would struggle in life. The rest of the evening I couldn’t stop thinking what I had just experienced and suddenly felt at peace. I then knew I was going to be okay and so were my daughters. This happened 13 years ago and only about two years ago I told my experience. To this day I have raised two beautiful daughters, I’m still in my house and have a good job. I’m am blessed and very lucky.   Still single though, but that’s okay. 🙂 Courtesy of Bridgitt Calder

Tim’s Story-

“I is quite concerned with Master Houston ma’am,” Delores lowered her voice to confide her feelings with Emily, as she poured her a cup of tea. “He is barely eating still. Well it’s been nearly 4 weeks since the passing. He is gonna make himself sick, if’n he don’t take better care of himself.”

“Thank you Delores. Yes, I agree with you. I have my concerns about him as well. Though every time I address the subject with him, he passes if off as nonsense. He is a stubborn man that one.”

 “Yes’m, I’s tried fixing some of my best dishes for him, think’n it would tempt him to eat more, but’s he just don’t’s.”

“He doesn’t Delores, he just doesn’t. Thank you for caring for him as you do. I guess that is all anyone can do right now. Allow time for the pain and the deep wounds to heal. Our family has been dealt quite a card. Only God knows why. We must keep our Faith and our chins up and trust in the Lord to lead us on the path of healing. Has he been down yet today?”

“No ma’am, he’s still up’n his room. He spends so much time there, it is troublin’, but’s I guess we can only do’s what we can do’s, like you say ma’am. I understands Miss Natalie and Master Richards new place is coming along according to Charles.  Not all too soon neither. They’s all growing quite tired of the hotel.”

  “Yes, I can imagine they are. I neglected to mention Delores; Natalie will be stopping by this afternoon for tea. It will be nice to see her. I have not spoken with her in nearly 5 days. She is all consumed in attempting to create some kind of normalcy for her children and husband. That Richard, he is such a good man and has been such a pillar for all of us through this. So much she has on her plate, not to mention all the planning she has to undertake for the new home. So many items have to be ordered from abroad and will take months to arrive. The Grosvenor is taking wonderful care of them, but as you say, a hotel never really feels like home. I will be going out late morning and will return early afternoon before my sister arrives. Please let them know to have the car ready for me at 11:00 Delores. I have a few items I must address. If I miss Michael, please let him know. Now I need a little time to read.”

“Yes’m ma’am.”

 A small stream of light made its way through a crack in the heavy velvet draperies that hung floor to ceiling across the massive windows in the room were Michael slept. He had not been back to his own home, with the exception of collecting some personal effects, since he lost his beloved wife. His eyes focused on the light and then how it illuminated items throughout the noble room. The reality of his location and position never left him. He dreamt of his Violet, he woke thinking of her. The pain of his lose still overwhelmed his every sense and was nearly unbearable. Tears rolled down his cheeks as memories of their honeymoon flooded him. Michael was clouded with grief and loneliness. How could he possibly wake every day missing someone so badly? How could he go on with his own life? There were times that his mind would slip off to dark places. Thoughts that were, at the time, all consuming. The sadness and loneliness wafted through his being, sending him on a tail spin down to places that he feared. Dark places that brewed hopelessness and despair. He was overcome with thoughts of worthlessness and defeat. As though he had nothing to offer anyone and he had no energy to if he could. Nothing in his life was important anymore. He had no reason to live. All he wanted to do was stay in bed, curled up in a fetal position and sleep. Forget about everything, all the stress, all the pain, all the feelings of complete void and insignificance. Hoping that sleep would wash away all the reality and he would wake to see it was all a dream. Sitting up in bed, he mumbled, “If only there was some way my darling Violet you could show me a sign that you are alright. You could speak to me, or touch me. Just one sign my darling.” He glanced around the room. There were several table lamps and floor lamps in the room. “Alright my darling Violet, if you are alright, would you just communicate with me through this lamp. This lamp, sitting on this nightstand. If you are there, if you are all right, would you make the lamp turn off, make the light bulb go out?” He turned on the lamp with a sense of apprehension, the light came on. He let out a long sigh and rested his back against his pillows. “What did I think would happen,” he again mumbled to himself. She is gone. She cannot communicate with me, that is impossible.” Just as the last sound left his mouth the light went off, untouched and unprovoked. He gasped, not sure that he did indeed see what he had just seen. He moved in his bed to see if perhaps the bed had knocked the stand, they did not touch one another. Wonderment encompassed him. “Violet, my darling Violet, thank you for coming to me and for showing me this sign. I miss you every day and I love all that you are and were to me. It does my heart good to know that you are safe and in a good place. Thank you darling.” Then Michael felt a breeze by his ear and words entered his mind as though they were being whispered to him, “It is time for you to begin living again my darling husband. You are much too young to be so alone. You have too much to give to this world and you can no longer keep yourself secluded.  You must live. You must do this for your family, for all that will benefit from meeting you, for yourself and my darling husband, for me. I will always love you and I will always be a part of you, but you can no longer remove yourself from the very world that you are dedicated to help, you can no longer be selfish with yourself.” As quickly as the breeze came to him, it was gone. The message lingered and swirled around him almost making him dizzy. He knew it was his Violet. He could feel her warmth, her pure heart of love caring for him and those around him even after she passed. Violet was right. It was time to begin living again. It was self-serving to do anything but that. Michael was filled with a new sense of purpose, as though he had suddenly been given permission. His heart danced knowing that Violet was with him in the abstract sense, it danced knowing that he could still make a difference in the world, that not all was lost, that he could achieve the things that he and Violet had spoken of many times. He was renewed. His loving departed wife had reached through the veil and touched him. He knew it to be true. He would no longer spend his time in the numb existence that he had kept himself in since Violet passed. Selfishly thinking of only himself, when there was a whole world that he could help. Michael was born again.  

 “I knew this would be a difficult assignment for you Beautiful Soul. That is why I told you nothing of it before we came. You have proven yourself to be full of Grace and Divine presence. Your only assignment was to communicate with Michael through the light he requested, but again you knew instinctively that you needed to take it a step further. In doing so, you not only proved further that the presence of Angels in a person’s life is only a conversation away, but you allowed him the freedom of moving forward so that he can make a difference in his life. The difference that he was born to make.”  

  “As you know, my story has to do with the passing of our friend Sean, he took his own life last Feb. I had been having a hard time accepting this and wondered to myself if Sean would ever show me “a sign” that he was good and ok. What would it look like? a sighting? a weird noise? what? I decided that it would be a light bulb going out. Not any light bulb, a certain light bulb. The light fixture in our bathroom has 5 halogen bulbs, which never go out, they last forever. It would be one of these bulbs, it would be the bulb at the far right, above my wife’s sink… because she received a msg from Sean just prior to him taking his life. Within 2 or 3 days of me deciding this scenario, it happened! I was home alone, the kids at school, my wife at work. I walked into the bath, turned on the light… poof! Out it went, the exact light bulb I decided would be the one.  Was I crazy? Did this really happen? Did Sean show me “a sign” or was this merely a coincidence??  I hope this story is detailed enough… Good luck, Tim”  Courtesy of Tim McCormack

Michelle’s Story-

The night air chilled her as she jumped in to her car, eager to get to school for practice. It started at 7:00; she glanced at her watch, only 6:45, plenty of time, no need to rush. She turned on the ignition and let it idle for a few minutes to warm the engine before pulling out of the driveway. The steering wheel felt ice cold, which forced a shiver through her body uncontrollably from her head to her toes, so she shoved her hands in her pockets to warm them as she waited. Glancing in the kitchen window and she noticed her mom was looking out watching her, she gave a swift wave through the window and her mom happily returned the gesture. The exhaust puffed warm clouds of smoke against the cold night air. Excited to see her friends and nervous at the same time that she would

remember her new assignment, she put the car in gear and pulled out on the main road headed to school.

The radio exploded with one of her favorite songs, so she reached over to turn the volume up higher. Singing along with all vocal chords fully engaged, she marveled at how much she sounded like the artist. Tapping her hand on the steering wheel to help the percussion, she motored down the road towards practice. As she reached over to turn down the volume on the radio in accordance with her enjoyment of the new tune, she inadvertently knocked her notebook off the console next to her. With her left hand on the wheel and peeking over the steering wheel she reached down to gather the fallen article, just briefly removing her eyes from the road. When she returned her focus to the road, she was shocked that in that minute amount of time, her vehicle had entered the oncoming lane.

She grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and jerked it to the right, back to her side of the road however, her enthusiasm to do so was too great and she overcorrected the direction of her route. Her car leapt off the side of the road, plummeting down the embankment. Plowing through the dirt and rocks like a sled on ice, the car jetted down the steep hill towards a field. A boulder caught the left front wheel catapulting it forward and on to its roof. Skating out on to the field, the car slide on its roof for what seemed like hours; over mounds, screeching and thumping along its trail, thrusting through a barb wire fence, finally coming to a stop, all four wheels still turning. Dazed, she knew she needed to exit the vehicle, having watched TV shows where cars burst in to flames after crashing. Though stunned at the events of the last couple of moments, hanging upside down, her head nearly touching the top of the car roof, she worked hard at gathering her senses. Reaching over she felt for the window handle so she could roll down her window, the same window she had waved goodbye to her mother from just minutes earlier. Every move was a struggle because of her position, but she managed to roll down, which was actually up the window. Feeling for the opening, she tried pulling herself through the window, but could not move. Almost panicked she tried again, harder this time. Then she remembered she had not released her seat belt. Slowly she felt for the buckle and unfastened the belt. Instantly, gravity slammed her down onto the roof of the car landing in a rumbled ball. She forced herself to stay focused and again reached for the window, though her mind danced around all that had, was and could happen. She pulled herself through the window, out of the car to safety.

Though shaky, she could not feel any major injuries, and was engulfed in an unexplainable calm, despite the circumstances. The night was exceptionally dark. There were no street lights on the remote country road and she could barely see the correct direction. The stench in the air was nearly nauseating, a combination of tire rubber, earth, metal and engine oil. Feeling the ground in front of her as she moved away from the car, she found the barb wire fence that her car at sheared through moments earlier. Carefully negotiating her way forward so she would not get caught in the barbs, separating the wires as she progressed, she crawled through. She looked back and was safely away from her vehicle now, from any possible fire or explosion she thought. She sat down on the mist covered grass and pulled her cell phone from her pocket, the first time she noticed that her hand was shaking slightly, though she still did not feel scared. She called her mother. “Mom, I have had an accident.” A call and words that no parent hopes to ever get. When she hung up the phone she heard a voice from the distance.

 “Dear, dear, are you there? Are you alright dear? Can you make it here to the road?” The voice came strong and clear through the chill of air. It had a familiar tone to it, like her grandmother’s voice, but she knew it was not her grandmother.

 “Yes, I am alright, I am out of the car.”

 “Come this way dear, follow my voice.”

She made her way through the field to the embankment by the road, following the directions of the elderly voice. She slipped and slide her way up the embankment, over the loose gravel, rocks and mud, then made it to the side of the road. There stood an elderly woman with white hair tied securely on top of her head in a bun. The elderly woman reached her hand out. She took it.

 “Oh my dear, are you sure you are alright? That was terrible accident. Did you call someone? Do you have someone coming to help you?”

 “Yes, I phoned my mom, she told me that she would come immediately.”

 “Oh good dear, just relax now, everything is fine, it is all over and you are safe. You have nothing more to be worried about.” The elderly woman held her hand tightly and patted her back in a loving gesture with her other hand. It did make her feel warm and much safer and calmer with the company.

She could see headlights approaching her, thinking to herself, please let it be my mom. The elderly woman broke her thought, “Here comes your mom now, everything is fine, you are safe.” She recognized the headlights; they were from her mom’s car.

“Wave your arms dear so that your mother can see you standing here. Wave them high.”

 She started waving her arms in the air as high as she could make them, almost wanting to jump up and jump in an effort to be seen. The car came to a stop in front of her. Her mother jumped from behind the wheel crying, “Oh my Goodness, are you alright? Are you hurt?” Her mother’s expression was panicked.

 Her brother jumped from the passenger side of the car equally as alarmed, running to his sister’s side, eyeing her up and down for signs of injury.

 “No, I am actually ok.”

 “Where is your car?”

“It is down there,” and she pointed down the embankment towards the field. This information triggered another reaction from her mother who was still wrapping her head around the fact that her daughter had been alone in the dark in an accident. “Your car is down there? You drove off the road and your car landed down there?” Her mother, nearly traumatized at the idea, asked fighting back the sobs. “How did you know where to walk, how did you find the road, it is so dark?” her mother questioned her while applying the necessary hugs and kisses

“This woman helped me.” She turned to her side to point at the woman. There was no one there. She turned around looking for the kind woman, but could not find her. “Hello, are you there? Where did you go? I want you to meet my mom and brother. I want to thank you.” There was no answer. The night was silent.

 “When did you say she helped you?”

 “She guided me to the road with her and was standing with me until you got here. She is a very kind elderly woman.”

Her brother now reacting to this information tilted his head in a puzzled manner. “There was no one standing with you when we drove up sis. You were standing here alone.”

 “Don’t be silly, she was right here. She told me to wave my arms to you so that you could see us.”

Her mother hollered, “Hello, I want to thank you for caring for my daughter. Are you still here?” There was no answer. The elderly woman was nowhere to be found.

“Mom, did you see anyone standing with sis?”

 “No, I didn’t. I only saw you sis. No one was with you.” The three stood and stared at each other as truth bumps ran up and down their bodies.

When Michelle first learned to drive, she was able to drive to school on her own-about 5 miles away on country roads. One day, right after she left for an evening “air band” practice, she called to say that she had rolled her car about 1 mile from the house. She assured me that she was okay. Justin and I flew out of the house and arrived at the scene: her car was still on its roof with the tires rolling, in a field. She had left the road and over corrected while reaching for something and careened off the road, through a wire field fence and just missing a power pole. She was traveling about 50 miles an hour-the speed limit for that part of the road. She explained that when she crawled out of the car and crawled through the fence to the road, there was an elderly lady that stood next to her, keeping her company. She said that she didn’t know where she went–she just disappeared. Michelle was completely unharmed physically in the accident but was highly emotional when she saw her car the next day where we had parked it next to the barn. Courtesy of Michelle Frantz via Mary Newdall-Frantz

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