On An Angel’s Wing, Real-Life Angelic Encounters and Divine Lessons.


Marilyn Lawrence's book introduces the reader to life in the Angelic realm as they follow an Angel-in-training as she learns the purposes for her new life. You'll read real-life Angelic encounters from the human's perspective and the Angels involved in the encounter. This book will impact the reader as well as the world.

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On An Angel’s Wing

MarilynLawrence_On-An-Angels-Wing_BookHave you ever wondered if Angels do exist? Do you ever wonder if an Angel has visited you? Ever wonder what life is like in the Angelic realm? These and more questions are answered in Marilyn Lawrence’s new book, On An Angel’s Wing. This Divinely charged book follows the path of an Angel-in-training as she is taught lessons directly from the Angels and Masters themselves. These channeled messages are interlaced with heart-felt, real-life Angelic intervention stories to provide clear examples of how Angels work with us every day. Marilyn’s book is filled with guided messages with the “soul” intention of creating a higher consciousness level in the human realm and thus the matrix of the universe. “This book opened my eyes to the guidance I can access if I just ask. I am so grateful Marilyn has shared these lessons and messages with us.” – Sharon


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