“I loved very much the book From Pink to Blue and I wish to everyone in our country or in the world could learn what I learned.
I learned that our importance in communication with children is huge. We are responsible for helping children to grow
and become either a free spirit or an “imprisoned” spirit with a hidden life purpose.

If I ever knew it was so easy, I would have never
said anything discouraging to my friends and would have said, my parents, what not to keep telling me. Or I would have told myself.
Letting somebody have her or his own dreams and own life purpose can liberate our own spirits.
I tried to explain this principle to my mom and I finished my explanations by telling her “I will try not to limit my children´ dreams” and she responded, ” I don’t think you can do it.”
I told her. “You just did again..” It looks easy but it is not so easy.

It is important for me to know that first of all I have to give myself permission to live my own life purpose and to give other people the permission to live theirs.
It is so liberating. Thank you, Marilyn Lawrence and Angels, for forwarding us such an important message!” Lenka Diaz Prague Czech Republic


“Your books have become two of Milo’s favorites- can we get some more please?!

Immediately after reading them he seems more open to discussions and asks more intelligent questions! He really loves them!

Please write more children’s books, I have two little boys who NEED them, and the world’s children need them too!” Lee The Cotswolds England

“Thank you for writing “A Donavan Memory!” I stayed up until 6 in the morning reading it…I just couldn’t put it down! I learned so much too!” Kay

“Yesterday was just great.  For me one thing I got did not seem related so closely to the topic.  I have worked on non-judgement but felt I needed to judge to stay in safety.  For some reason the bond thing (you introduced and talked about) triggered it for me that my feeling about something is discernment and not judgement.  If I am thinking either neg. or pos. is judgement.  If I feel good or not so good about things it is discernment.  I also became aware of a few things in my life are bonds I don’t need.  It isn’t even hard to let a bond go once you see it for what it is.  It really helped me to see I can keep the ones I want, that make me feel happy and let the ones go that don’t make me feel happy. I feel extremely happy so I plan to keep that one! Love you both.”


“Hi the Marilyn. I wanted to share with you this AM memories you have brought back up for me. When you were here a few times back you told me about fairies and my job was to save them. At the time I had no idea what you were talking about. And it has since then been on my mind a lot. And I can remember now what it was that you were referring to. When I was in I think my kindergarten year in school I was living with my grandmother. I had moved four different times by then and my dad had been in his accident. So I didn’t know anyone in my school. At school during recess, I would hang out on this big field everyday by myself. One day I did see a fairy. She was red and she was flying my direction in a hurry and was scarred. I caught it and could see something was coming after it. So I protected her. I let her know if she ever needed my help again to find me. And she told me if I ever told anyone about what I saw, I would never see them again. So a short time went on I would wait to see if I saw another one. One day I saw a dandelion and with it was a yellow fairy. I decided I was gonna catch her and show her to some of the kids at recess in hopes of making friends. So I thought I grabbed her. And when I went to open my hands in front of a bunch of kids there was no fairy. They all laughed at me and made fun of me and I was so disappointed because I knew what the first fairy told be about never telling anyone what I saw. So I went home and for a few days I waited on my grandmothers back porch in hopes of seeing one. My grandmother had asked me why I was so sad and I couldn’t tell her why because I didn’t want to tell anyone else. And then I was so upset with myself I prayed to god one night that he would help me to not worry about it anymore because what had been done was done and there was nothing else I could do about it. So the next few days after that I wouldn’t think about it and it eventually was erased completely till you brought it back up when we were speaking. Sounds a bit crazy.”


“What an incredible experience Saturday was for me.  I have been carrying alot of the feelings we discussed in the workshop around from just this lifetime.  I walked into the workshop and felt very safe and thus was able to let go of the burdens I didn’t even realize I was carrying.  I was able to open myself and let my light shine without being afraid. I am looking forward to working with you and am looking forward to shining my light without the fear and anger I have been carrying with me for too many years. Thank you again.”


“Hi Marilyn, I really look forward to the workshops and am happy they will continue monthly. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your home last month. I have felt pretty good physically since then. Still getting some upper back pain, but am working on releasing it daily and it’s getting better each time. I was so shocked at what you and Michael picked up on! No wonder I have had so much pain the last few years. I have been attempting meditation in the mornings, but still can’t count past 2-3. lol I try so hard to clear my mind, but having difficulty being in the moment. I know I will get there!! The changes that are occurring in me are continuing to blossom and I welcome the growth. It is such an amazing difference and feels so enlightening! I appreciate your guidance and look forward to developing the gifts I know have been given to me. I am really glad you are a part of my journey. Thank you again,”


“I attended Marilyn Lawrence’s clearing workshop, Gathering of the Messengers, really not expecting much because I am not a person with a lot of conscious contact with other worlds. We went through a grounding meditation and a sort of inventory of unproductive emotions that were coming up for us. After sharing those with the group if we wished, we were then guided to focus on releasing those upward. We had at the beginning acknowledged that we were willing to have Marilyn and Michael assist us if needed. I had identified several chronically or intermittently unhelpful emotions, but I concentrated especially on dissatisfaction, which for me has been chronic and has led to other negative states. The next day I noticed an absence in dissatisfaction. Wondering whether I might be on a “pink cloud,” I didn’t say anything about it for a while; but now, nearly a month later, I find that with no effort on my part, dissatisfaction is a much less frequent visitor. I will be taking another of Marilyn’s clearing workshops again and recommend the experience to anyone else who seeks change within themselves.”


“I had the privilege of meeting Marilyn at the ROTA fair in Monterrey, Calif., where I live. I had a reading earlier, then stopped to see her books and bought them. This testimonial is not about the books, more about how she and her husband received me and chatted with me while they wrapped my purchases. I casually mentioned something about my being in the middle of a “home refi”…and Marilyn said “that is going to be all right. It’ll go through. (here is the kicker). When you ask the powers that be for something, leave it there! Don’t keep asking because you are taking it away from them when you continue to ask.” I was floored. I have sort of made it my mantra. I did get the refi and I’m happy about a few other things in my life as well. I hope to see Marilyn again on her next visit…and who knows? Maybe I’ll have to go where she is. Peace and bless-ings on you, Marilyn and yours.”


“Marilyn Lawrence is a rare example of a beautiful person on so many levels and I recognized this almost instantly when we met.”


“It was so wonderful to meet Marilyn! She’s such a beautiful person inside and out and can somehow see right to your soul. She truly possesses an ethereal gift and delivers her messages with compassion. Meeting her will change the way you view this world and the next!”


“WOW !! A big thank you for writing this book , I learned many things about angels. The feeling of losing a loved one is never easy, but after reading this book I feel much more relieved knowing they are in a place with divine love and are very happy were the will go next. I’m middle aged and have never been able to finish or even read a book all the way through without skipping words , lines, or even chapters. Well done!!! I read every word. Thanks again.”


“I love this book, there is a deeper meaning in these pages, the author does a masterful job. Great read, wonderful messages!”


“I feel blessed to have you in my life. I woke up this morning still slightly tired but feeling free. Thank you so much. I appreciate you and the work you do. I tell everyone I meet about what you’ve done for me already. This is a new chapter in my life I can feel it happening more and more.”



  1. I have known Marilyn for many years now. Her intuition and messages from spirit are spoken with love and from the heart. She has true compassion and truly in service to humanity and the earth. She is a phenomenal speaker and author. Her messages impactful. I loved A Donavan Memory and could not put it down. Was so relatable and one of my favorites. It came at a time when I needed the message.

  2. I feel very blessed having Marilyn and Dale in my life. I participated in their 28 sculpting challenge and would recommend it to all. Anyone from any part of the world can do this. I am 8 hours away in European time zone and was able to participate and loved everyday emails and Facebook posts of support in this amazing life change. I would suggest this challenge to people who feel lost in their life journey and life purpose, feel the chaos and want to get on the right track. Also to people who are continuously doubting themselves. Honestly, I think everyone can find their reason and sense in this challenge and I believe that if everyone really followed this special 28 sculpting journey, that the world would be a better place to live. Thank you, Marilyn and Dale!

  3. Michelle Prescott says:

    I met Marilyn at the Mind Body expo and she has helped me in many ways. She has helped me find my voice, remember my peaceful place in water, ease some pain in my head, declutter some old energy and find a new friend. She has a powerful gift and a wonderful soul.
    I am grateful for her and believe she deserves the wings she wears so proudly.
    If God or your Angels have a message for you and you are in her presence, you will hear it.

    God bless you all and Marilyn, I love you.

    Michelle Prescott

  4. Gina Thompsen says:

    I have had readings for over 20 years and I can honestly say that I have never had a more accurate, comprehensive reading before. Of course, I had questions for her, but she also was continually receiving messages from the Angels that they wanted me to hear. Everything from vitamin deficiencies to advice on how to proceed with my life so that I can stay “on my path”. Loved ones, who have passed, had messages for me as well. She also healed me, re-aligned my chakras and taught me tools to ground myself and how to lead a more productive life. Whatever the Angels thought was important for me to know, she passed on. Her readings-healings have been invaluable to my life and understanding my path to find joy! As if that wasn’t enough, Marilyn and her workshops have provided me with many tools and have been a great source to find like-minded friends. Her soul is beautiful and she has become a good friend who only comes from a place of LOVE.
    Gina Thompsen

  5. Jennifer Borwick says:

    “Marilyn has the gift of insight and also the gift of being able to communicate that insight. She not only shares her incredible vision with you, but also is able to move the blocks that stand in your way with an instantaneous energy shift. This type of vision and power has helped me to move to my next level with guidance and support. An invaluable experience!”
    Jennifer Borwick

  6. Charmel says:

    The 1st time I met Marilyn my boyfriend of 5yrs(friend for 28yrs) had just walked away. No explanations. Just disappeared. I was heartbroken and distressed. Our group was grounding and meditating and she walked up to me and grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes and said”It is not your fault. It was nothing you did. It’s him. I promise you it’s going to be okay.” There is no way she knew what was going on in my life. She later told me there was a darkness around him and he was doing me a favor. She did me a favor that day. It gave me the strength to put that relationship in the past and start over. I never miss a chance to meet with her and bask in her loving, positive energy.

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