“On An Angel’s Wings Too”

Asking for Angel stories from our readers.

I am looking for you stories. If you would like to share your story with me, even if you are unsure whether you experienced an Angel intervention or not, I would be honored to receive it and publish it my next Angel book, the sequel to “On An Angel’s Wing.”

The benefit of sharing Angelic experiences and stories of all kinds is to show that we are not alone, and perhaps spark a memory of a time that they too had help from something or someone that at the time was not readily explainable. Spreading the knowledge that help is just a conversation away!

Please submit your story to me below for my next book.

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“Roger’s Story”

Sequel to “A Donavan Memory.” Learn about the life of Roger who first makes his appearance in the book, “A Donavan Memory.” Follow Roger’s life as he battles the struggles associated with his life with an abusive father. Cheer as he learns to rise above, cry as he falters, and learn as the Angels share their Divine messages throughout the book.


A fantasy based on personal experiences gained on magical trips through Europe. More details to come!