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Whose Path are You on?

This post coincidentally…or not,

(I do not believe there are any accidents) piggy-backs off my last post entitled “What role will you be modeling?”

I had a meeting with a gentleman who was losing sight of his goals because they were not materializing for him as quickly as he had hoped. Not an uncommon complaint I have found. After reviewing his “list” and getting the sense from him of the real reason and value he had assigned some of the things on his goal list, the truth starting shining through. I next asked him to describe to me what his ‘everyday looked like’.  I asked him to describe it to me not only from a technical and analytical stance, but from an emotional position as well. After combining his response information, I delivered a report that was difficult for him to accept initially.  You see, as I uncovered the truths of the information that he himself had shared with me regarding the list he had made and focused on for much time, I was able to make him see that his actions, thinking and words were out of line with what he wanted his life to look like. Along with this, I was also able to let him see with clear vision, that some of the things on his “list” were not really things that he wanted, but rather things that he thought he needed, or things that he thought others would like.

“Once a path is made clear, you do have to take a step, or that path will become unfocused again”.

When I work with people to help reawaken their “Truth of Being” and purpose path, I have found it is not uncommon for people to be contributing a vast amount of energy towards things that are not in alignment with their truths. People work so hard, giving an enormous amount of time and effort to something that does not line up to who they are inside. I have also found a great number of people act quite differently than the goals and dreams that they have on their list, (something I covered in the last blog).

It is very important that you keep alignment with your truths and purpose. Before entering this life you decided what your Truth of Being and purposes would be. These were then Divinely blessed. You would never have entered the life you are having now, at this time in civilization, if your “missions” for being here were not important. Unfortunately, what often happens, as I talk about in my book “From Pink to Blue”, people get shifted off their path. It is not uncommon to find people who have items on their goal and dream list that do not align with their true being and hence, why it is so incredibly difficult to achieve these particular items. I am not saying they cannot be achieved, I am saying, as you yourself may have found, some things come more easily than others.

If you are having a difficult time with achieving your dreams and goals, may I suggest  examining your list?

*Ensure that your goals are, in fact lined up with your purpose for this life. *Ensure that the items from your list are things that are yours, and not things you think someone else may want or need. *Ensure that you are acting, talking and thinking in alignment with your list. *Ensure your words speak truth and your actions are honorable.

If you are going to work to accomplish something, make sure that it is the something that you chose to come to this life to do!

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