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What Role Will You Be Role-Modeling?

Every day we can, if we pay-attention, witness examples of good and not so good role-models and leaders.

When you do have the opportunity to experience a good role-model or leader, it is wise to make a note of the attributes that you find most qualifying and enduring. This is not simply advantageous for use in your everyday life negotiations, but, and especially, if you yourself wish to be perceived as a good role-modeling leader.

If you do have aspirations in this direction, the most important thing I would recommend is taking a close look at yourself. A look from another’s eyes, so to speak. If you want to be a role-model and leader, you have to live a life as one. Remember your words and actions create the perception of the modeled leader you will be and the messages you will teach.


You know pure and Divine love. You came from it. Open up all your senses to help you remember those lessons. Remembering these lessons will assist you with the role you want, or were sent to this life to model. When you examine yourself with all senses open and without judgment and criticism, but rather from a place of love and acceptance, you may see things about yourself that you were not aware of and are not fond of. Remembering with these discoveries, when you witness yourself, it is the character that others are witnessing as well. No matter how much we think we are modeling a role of good, if your everyday character does not support your aspirations, then you will never attract the followers that you are yearning for. Instead you will become disappointed and disillusioned that you continue to make an effort, with a dream and goal in your mind that will not come to fruition. If you are not a fan of how you see yourself, your actions and words now, then how would you expect anyone to want to model themselves after you? No matter how good your presentation is, one’s soul is a presentation in its self.

I have learned that you cannot want for one thing and act in contrast. You are your words, actions and beliefs.

I have met many people who state that they want to accomplish this or that, but in the next breath complain that their goals and dreams never manifest.                                                                                                                                                                               I say this, if any person opens up to the purity of Divine, believes with unwavering Faith and acts and speaks parallel to the path they want, then so shall it be.

If what you want for yourself is different from the way you act, speak and think on a regular basis around friends and co-workers, then the message you are sending to the universe is convoluted and mismatched. Your “self” has to be in line with your aspirations. There is no way that one can operate at their pure pace of purpose unless they have full alignment. Your everyday pattern and profile must line up directly with your goals and dreams, in this example, being a sought-after role-model and leader.

It is my strong belief that we all must be tasked with the role of modeling all that is good.  By remembering the Truths that we brought with us to this life and knowing that those truths were all blessed by Divine, we will help our own light to shine brighter too.  Shining our pure bright light on others whose path has dimmed.

Living in your Truth of Being and working your purpose path will create the most brilliant of lights within you and will be spontaneously received by all that you encounter. It will create a domino effect of great magnitude when individual truths and purposes ignite within people, shining away all darkness. The role that you will be modeling to all that come in contact with you daily will be purposed and admirable.

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