Watch For Your Miracles Today!

My dog Maya and I were out for our morning walk today.

As we pushed up the long hill, I welcomed the opportunity Maya awarded us when she had to stop at a new “smell spot.” It was at one of these that I looked up the hill in front of us to determine how far we had yet to go. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was rising over the hill casting long shadows across the forward path. The cool morning air almost sparkled as it pushed away what was left of the heat from the former day.Publication1And then, without a sound, two beautiful deer trotted down the hill and crossed in front of us; they paused for seconds and looked at us, then continued their decent out of view. Both Maya and I stood stationary, making no sounds, just processing the beautiful surprise. My body covered with truth bumps as I realized that is was in nearly the same location the morning before, I expressed my disappointment at never seeing deer in the neighborhood anymore.

Life is filled with miracles. The secret is to pay attention and not be too busy to appreciate the messages that are sent to you. I know that the deer were sent to me this morning. I received the gift humbly and with gratitude.

Watch for your miracles today.

Pay attention to the smallest of details and receive them with gratitude, because messages are sent to all of us, every day from every realm.

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