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Throwing a Bone – Spiritual Guidance Tips

My career involving spiritual guidance allows me the immense pleasure of meeting many different people

and helping them realize truths about their identity and the reason that they chose this life and why they are here. Their Truth of Being and Purpose Path.

When in conversations with a few people lately, recognition has been brought to the forefront. In particular, recognition for a job well done. Some people work very hard at their jobs, at being parents, at being good humans and every once in a while it feels good to have a “gee your swell”.  This condition of blinded-thinking is actually fairly common. I, myself fall victim to this upon occasion. Positive drive and ideas are shadowed by thoughts of doubt. Doubt that what I am doing is aligning with my truths and purpose path. Doubt that I am making a positive difference to people, the world and universe as I hope to.

It was on one of these, “doubt treks” (that I used to have) when I meditated and spoke with the Angels and my Guides. I asked them if they would please  just give me a sign…any sign, that I was doing good, making a difference, putting a smile on someone’s face, warming a heart…”please, would you just give me a sign.”  Shortly after I received a strong, loud message.

“Faith does not require you be thrown a bone every once in a while.”

At first I was taken back, but then a smile spread across my face and I could not help but laugh aloud. What a wonderful message.

The reverse of Faith is Doubt. So when you are doubting, you just need to plant your feet and turn up your Faith gauge.


So now when the doubt cloud tries spreading its dismal illusions, I simply remember the message I received loud and clear that day. It always makes me smile and because it is truth, it resonates as such within.

Now….having said all that, and interestingly enough, perhaps prompted by the conversations that I mentioned earlier, in the last  two days I have received unexpected acts of kindness. One act was beautiful words of gratitude sent to me from a source that I had not even realized was witness to my work, the second was an invitation to a noteworthy conference to be a speaker. When I hung up the phone from the later of the two, I sat and recapped the conversation, feeling joy and satisfaction and then…. I received another message….”When we do send you a bone, be sure to recognize it!”  Of course I laughed when I heard it and I am laughing again as I write this.

Thank you Angels and Guides for your wonderful support…and humor!

So two lessons… actually three.

> Remember to keep your Faith Gauge on high to ward away the doubt cloud.

> You never know how and when you will be “thrown a bone” pay attention and show appreciation.

> Humor is universal…and beyond!

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