Shine Your Full Soul Light…It does work!!!

Shine Your Full Soul Light…It does work!!!

Alongside a couple of esteemed peers from “The Gathering Of Messengers,” I had the honor of teaching a workshop on Saturday. The subject of the workshop was releasing past emotions that were continuing to affect decision-making and quality of life in this lifetime.

We went right for the juggler, if you will, and tackled, the deep-seeded emotions from the time of Jesus that are being stirred up at this time. Not surprisingly, addressing these emotions triggered other timelines throughout history that required identifying and releasing too.

**** I was in the middle of writing this message to share today and received an email from one of the attendees of the workshop. Her email is below. I am giving an abstract of her email, to protect the actual names involved. This is an excellent example of how the shining your soul technique works! Giving full faith and doing it. Thank you anonymous for sharing!  

This morning at 4:30 a.m., I woke thinking about one of the subjects that we taught. A subject that was difficult for a couple of the attendees to understand and fully accept. I was given a very clear, direct reason why this practice works.

The lesson I speak of, teaches every person the need to open their hearts and souls and shine their full light everywhere they go. “Shine your full light and there is no need for people to continue looking for more.” Marilyn-Lawrence_slider_universe1

Most people do not do this, and the main reason is fear. There are a few fears that block ones full light display. The biggest concern is the apprehension of sharing your full self because when you do you attract too many people, they drain your energy, and you are left feeling exhausted. People have for centuries and eons closed themselves off and protected their hearts so they would not be hurt. But this practice actually does just the reverse. “Hiding something drives others to quest and yearn for it more.”

It seems logical that if you have several layers of protection over the one thing that gets hurt so deeply…the heart…then you will be safeguarding yourself from future pain.

Lightworkers seem to be very susceptible to the exhaustion that carrying the weight of others around brings. Lightworkers are healers and are here to help as many in a lifetime as their mission statement calls for.

The truth is, people can feel energy from other people. You have probably walked into a room and knew that you would like to meet one person, but do not want to get too close to another. Some can see the beautiful light that a person has and are drawn to it.

Here is the lesson of this subject I was asked to share today-

When you open yourself up completely and show the beauty and Divine light of your soul, you are showing all that you are and have. You shine your light so magnificently you have nothing more to show. On the flip side, when you open only a part of you up, keeping the rest hidden and covered, you leave others questioning who you really are, and what you are hiding from them. You leave them yearning for more. They move closer to you, into your space, even attaching to you because they want to see and feel the full glory of your Divine light. Or irritated that you are hiding your full light they send psychic attacks that hurt and drain.

This is not done consciously, for the most part; it is just natural to want to take in the full beauty of something.

So, opening yourself up and shining the full of You leaves no questions. It allows everyone to see your full glory. When you hid a part away…covering yourself to protect yourself…. You are giving reason for people to come closer and want more, want the Divine beauty of you.

“I have to share with you that when I went to an event tonight, I grounded myself like you taught yesterday with the huge chord, then I spread my angel wings out as big as possible, filling the sanctuary with them, and then I just sat there letting my light shine on ultra-bright. 

I have had a less than desirable relationship with someone, but because of ties I am placed in the position of being around them periodically, such as tonight.

This person talked all around me, but not directly to me, and I didn’t let them bother me at all.  I also had my psychic protection oil on and for the first time, I came away from an encounter not feeling drained of all my energy.  It felt really good.  I will do the same for Christmas!

 It was honestly the first time I have been around this person without feeling the

energy-vampire effect.  They have for the past 13-14 years of knowing them, left me feeling sucked dry each time we part company.  I honestly would leave feeling like I couldn’t get away fast enough, and like I was exhausted, without understanding why.

Whether it’s conscious on their part or not, I don’t know. I just turn my light on a little more and take comfort in knowing she can’t touch me unless she outshines my brightness, and wouldn’t that just be lovely for everyone!?!  A brightness contest!!!  Puts a smile on my face. 🙂

From, Anonymous

P.S. “You are so right, we shouldn’t have to dim our light for anyone or any reason.  Especially not to please someone who is threatened by it because they are the ones who most need to see it.”

I can’t imagine a much stronger example of how this works than the above experience!

“Things Are that you Believe!”

The room felt hundreds of pounds lighter after the workshop compared to before we began. Thank you to those who came and participated with this. Please understand that doing this, you are helping others.

Next Blog-

Who am I? What if I do not know who I am…what my true-self looks like? The fear of showing yourself…your true self.

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