Marilyn Lawrence - Purpose path of a little girl I once knew...

Purpose Path Lessons From a Little Girl I Once Knew

I once knew a little girl who was very shy and unsure of herself. She had been moved off her purpose path

when she was just a young child and was struggling to make herself accepted by being a person other’s wanted her to be. So unsure of her words, she didn’t talk a lot for fear of being mocked, and because of that, she had few friends. This little girl remembered standing and watching kids at school talk amongst themselves, laughing and giggling and having, what appeared to be, a great time. This little girl would think to herself, what could they possibly be talking about for so long, what are they saying?Marilyn Lawrence - Purpose path of a little girl I once knew...

Since she had been moved off her path, and on to one that was comfortable to those around her she struggled with the correct words to say, since they were not her own. There was not a lot of communication in this little girl’s home when she was young. She had not been given the lessons of how to communicate by observation. This little girl did not know how to carry on a conversation much longer than the basic formalities. The little girl remembers lying in bed at night moving her mouth; mimicking the kids she had observed at school. She pretended to have friends and to carry on conversations with those friends. Though she moved her mouth and laughed as she observed others doing, no words came out, because she could think of no words to say. Puzzled by what a conversation would be, she just laid there pretending.
It was not until she was on her own and a young adult that she began learning the valuable lessons of communication and following her own Truths and Path in life. That no longer did she need to measure up to what others thought she should be, or worry when others made fun of her. Because the truth is, everyone is on their own path in this life. Everyone has their own mission to accomplish.
Do not be responsible for stripping the voice from someone else, just because they are different from you. They need to be different from you so they can accomplish their own purposes.  If you are this person who has had your voice muffled, then it is time to reclaim your truths.  Reclaim “you”. You really are worth it. There is no grander gift that you can give yourself and the world, then getting back on your path and living by your own truths.

Today this little girl had another radio interview about her book From Pink to Blue. She had no time to prepare, so she asked the Angels to help her and she opened her mouth and the words did come out. For 60 minutes she talked and laughed, the words driving home messages from The Angels. After she hung up the phone she sat back and laughed aloud and remembered the little girl that she once was and thanked God and the Angels for helping her to not be afraid to take the steps forward that she needed to take.
It is your time. Do not be afraid; do not let anyone hold you back.        What you do matters!

I Believe in You and Your Purpose!

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