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Pay Attention to the Messages Sent to You Every Day, No Matter How They Are Delivered

Pay Attention to the Messages Sent to You Every Day, No Matter How They Are Delivered

Posted by Marilyn Lawrence on 21 Oct 2013 .

I wrote a blog entitled “Throwing a Bone”, which references keeping a higher awareness to receiving messages throughout the day, and the importance of accepting the messages when you receive them. I was given more messages relating to this subject just today.

I was driving through a near-empty parking lot in Reno and failed to stop completely at a (parking lot) stop sign, as there was just one car within yards of me and we were not interfering (as I thought) with each other’s route. As the woman drove on, I saw her looking in my direction and angrily mouthing the words “STOP”!

It reminded me of the numerous times we all drive in traffic and encounter, what we perceive to be angry drivers, mouthing comments to us or perhaps flashing us the “finger greeting”. The immediate reaction for some is to accept and take on their anger and not listen to the message that they are giving you. Some become irritated, react to their energy and carry their energy with them throughout the day, brewing over the “nerve of someone treating you in such a way”. Some allow this to effect their mood/energy and hence the mood/energy of everyone they encounter.

Today as this woman drove off; I received the message” pay attention to the messages when we send them to you, however they are delivered”. You see that woman sent me a message, to stop completely at a stop sign. This message may not be something that I will see needing today… maybe it will be sometime in the future, but this message could be one that saves my life and if I share this message with others, it could save their lives.

So from this day forward when you receive messages laced with anger and irritation, the same messages that would in the past have you distracted with the emotion of the “gift” instead of allowing you to receive the message, remember your messages will come to you in all ways. Open your eyes and see all that is being sent to help you every day.

Send love to the person that delivered you the message, accept it just for what it is, a message to help you; do not take on their negative. It may not be a message that you need for today, but no message is given to you that you will not need.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  So open yourself up and accept all messages with love and hold on to the lesson.  It could be that it is a message that you were supposed to share with someone else….just as I am doing here today.

Accept the Good; Release the Bad and then Share.

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