Kudos “Super Dad to the Rescue!”

Kudos “Super Dad to the Rescue!”

I spent the day at the Oregon coast recently and was reminded of my youth.

As a child my family and I spent much of our summer at our family beach house. It was a quaint little place filled with artistic expression. I have many fond memories of my grandparents, cousins, siblings and parents there.

I sat near the tall beach grass and let my feet bury themselves in the cool sand, as my mind recalled past memories. The smell of the ocean reminding me of the countless hours spent jumping waves and building sand castles. This particular day I was reminded too of the wind at the beach, the gritty crunch of sand in my teeth among other things. Sitting as the sand pummeled my face, natural exfoliation I told myself, I watched as a lone string-less kite twirled and bounced down the beach, followed within minutes by a sand bucket springing and spinning in pursuit. Both now at the mercy of the ocean wind. I knew somewhere there was a child, or children mourning the loss of their prized beach possessions.

Sure enough, from behind a clump of beach grass emerged “super dad to the rescue”.   Chasing with might the victim toys, only temporarily delaying the quest to rescue his baseball cap that had taken flight off his head, sure to suffer the same fate as the kite and bucket if it were not for his quick reflexes.

Narrowing the gap on his captures, I could feel myself silently cheering for dad….go dad go…you can do it…

Marilyn Lawrence - AuthorBut then, from behind the same clump of beach grass came his young son, I would guess 4ish, crying and sobbing at the top of his lungs, ‘daddy’…’da…deeeee’. Run walking after his father, the liquids flowing from his nose thickly encrusted with sand, he looked as though he would fall down at any minute, dramatically expressing his dismay. Next appeared another boy, older, perhaps 6ish, running after his father, by-passing his little brother which created even more grief-driven sobs.

“Super dad to the rescue” looked back at his sons, then forward towards his goal and then did what any good rescue dad would do, turned, ran back to his sons, picked up the youngest and continued the chase. The older son now prompting his father, ‘get it dad, get it’. The kite rescue was successful. The bucket lost to the winds. I watched as all three walked back with kite in hand, this time against the pelting sand. “Super dad to the rescue” still carrying the youngest and all three were wearing smiles, happy about different things within the same experience.

I wanted to stop this father and tell him what a great job he was doing. Not once getting mad or frustrated, losing his cool or giving up. But, sticking with it and cheerfully accomplishing a goal that was much more important to his sons than to himself. I hope he knows what a wonderful example he gave to his sons that day and to anyone else that was watching.  I wonder also who was the most exhausted at the end of that night, the children, or “super dad to the rescue”….

So Super Dad To The Rescue, if you are reading this post, kudos to you and to all the super dads that have willing and knowingly accepted the importance of the role you lead as a father!

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