Are you a Fee-Thinker see at

Are you a “Feel-Thinker” too?

The universal shift in raising the human realm consciousness is affecting many things.

One of which, I have recently become more aware of, is the way I think and gather information. Though I have always been sensitive, this trait is much more apparent to me now. You see, I “Feel-Think,” I am searching for the answer by both feeling and thinking.

Instead of requesting the information for an answer strictly from by brain aka thinking; something we have been taught to do since birth, I also reach out to accept answers from the vibrating energies pertaining to the question. This process takes a bit longer because it is a double gathering of information.

I have become quite aware of this process when I am asked a question and then am expected to give an immediate response. The person asking the question becomes frustrated because they do not have a response back as quickly as they want or expect.

The raising of consciousness is actually awakening abilities that have been forgotten or squelched throughout the centuries. In generations past, it was natural to utilize many innate abilities for receiving information. Pulling on the vibrations and energies transmitted through frequencies that could not be seen, but could be felt and thus recognized. Years and centuries of desensitizing numbed our natural abilities for this. Our current shift to heightened awareness is allowing us the opportunity to open the walls that surrounded and muffled, even deadened our gifts. It is a freeing of natural talents that are joining us again.

So remember to consciously accept all the thoughts and feeling that come to you. The more that you do, the more you will recognize the information and the more information you can gather. Remember also, to allow other’s around you to do the same. If you want to provide the best answer and if you want to receive the best answer, certainly allowing for complete assessment and delivery is of upmost importance and highest advantage.

Feel and Think and Embrace all that is and can be!

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