What Are Pure Intentions? How Do They Work With Highest and Greatest Good?

I have been asked by a couple of people lately what I mean when I say to do something with pure intentions. I have also been asked why some “wants” come to pass and others do not.

Every person living can achieve anything they would like as long as a couple of criteria are met. The first is that the achievement is actually for their highest and greatest good, or for the highest good of another person, item or thing. The second criterion for achieving manifestations is that it is done with an intention that does not deviate.

Let’s look at each of these components separately. The first: Highest and greatest good. This is sometimes a confusing one. Many of us at one time or another has wished for something so strongly that it becomes almost an intoxicating seduction of wanting. No matter how many times we asked for it, how many prayers, meditations or conversations we had on the subject, it never manifested. Sometimes, it is not until later in life that we discover that “want” would not have been so good for us. In fact, I know that a popular country song makes note of this too.

You see, God, The Angels, Source, Spirit, or whomever you talk with, already has the road map for your life. They can see where you are going and what would best serve you. Most of us can just see today. Because of this, we have to trust that when something that we so strongly desire at the time does not readily manifest, it is not part of our road map, and therefore would not be for our highest and greatest good. This takes some discipline, and working with pure faith to fully embrace the fact that if you do not get something you want, it is a good thing. It sounds odd even saying it. But, that is the truth. Embrace this as your truth. When you do, you will spend far less time trying to push a square peg through a round hole…trying to make something happen in your life that is not designed for your better good.

I teach the simple two-step process– ask for something, then give it up to Divine. The second step is where most have the hardest time…..Leave it there! One cannot ask for help, give it to Divine, and then take it back to worry about it, dwell on it, stress on it, pray on it, just to give it back up to Divine the next day. Like a revolving door asking for help, taking it back, asking for help and on and on. When you ask for help, ask for something you want or need, live in the full faith that it will be provided for you as long as it is designed for you.

The second component: Pure Intentions proves to be difficult in its own right to some.

To do something with pure intentions means to be completely non-conflicted with your intentions. And there lies the problem. Your intention can be nothing short of pure- with no conflict. It can’t be an “I kind ‘a want it.” One needs to hold the picture or idea of the intention so clearly that they can feel it, that they can see themselves already having it, or doing it. If you are asking for a new car, be specific. Is it red, or white, or black? Is it new? What brand is it? Crystal clear with your intentions delivers a crystal clear message to the universe. A mucky intention delivers confusion.

So when I instruct people to meditate in the mornings and to give, (and leave) their pure intentions to God, or whomever. Or, when I instruct people to chant at night before falling asleep, and to chant their pure intentions this is what I am saying.

Spend some time deciding what your intentions are, and make sure what you have are pure. Be very clear with your intentions…your vision of what you want to manifest. Do not deliver an unclear message, because you will receive an unclear outcome.

And remember, if you have taken the time to determine an intention that is, without exception, pure for you, and you deliver it, and there is no answer, rejoice in the fact that you have just been saved what could have been a wrong turn in your road. Do not give up, but seek more pure intentions to manifest. You do have the ability to manifest anything that lines up with the Divine You in this life.

I Believe In You!

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