From Chasing to Receiving

I watched a cat hunting for a mouse.

The cat was looking everywhere the mouse wasn’t.

Back and forth the cat would go, with seemingly no method or planned pattern to each move, eventually exhausting itself with his hunt.

However, when the cat sat quietly, allowing his desired outcome, lunch appeared.

It is similar to searching for our goals and dreams sometimes… reaching out in different directions, jumping from one new thing to another, not allowing time to process or things to work, then finally, with frustration, giving up and standing in the same old position you were prior to your search.

  When you think of the word “Chase,” what comes to mind?

I see a constant effort to get something that remains out of reach.

When you think of the word “Allowable-Receiving,” what comes to mind?

 I see being in a place of “consciously present” and unrestricted to receive that which your attention is given.

When we shift our philosophies from, Chase, to Allowable-Receiving, we move from an operating platform based on chaos, over-thinking and static-thinking- which keeps our mind’s distracted from life, to a manifesto of engaging our conscious-mind in the art of allowing desired results.

Ground yourself and allow the receiving of your desired outcome!

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