My latest Divine Message-Dear Souls…

Dear Soul,

You fill your mind with worries of things that will not be, unless you call them to you.

You live in past memories of what was, instead of the Now of what is.

You allow yourself temporary Joy instead of constant Joy.

Do you not know that we love you without boundaries?

Do you not believe that we support you?

Do you not know that we see the good of you always and cherish all that you are?

If you truly believed these things, then you would never doubt yourself.

Because, believing these things, will answer the questions that ramble in your head most of the time. 

The beauty of your Soul is witnessed daily.

The strength of your being is witnessed daily.

Why then do you doubt?

Why then do you turn on yourself?

Why do you not allow yourself to see You as WE do?

The sparkles of Divine light that fall on you daily like

a salt shaker over your head, is testament of how 

WE are with you, helping you, guiding you, cherishing you.

WE will protect you, if you chose to accept our help

and protect then yourself.

WE will talk with you, if you accept our communication

as answers to your questions.

Accept without fearing or doubting.

You ask us about insurance.

Isn’t insurance insuring something that will happen to you, thus, calling something to happen to you?

 Isn’t it You that is in charge of navigating your life?

And, isn’t it You who can call on the light you need to sail on your path so you can see clearly?

There is no one else who is authorized to navigate your journey but you in our eyes.

However, if you allow others to step in and take over for you, then you are not in control of your outcome.

WE give you permission to take back the lead of your life.

WE give you permission to drive in your own lane.

WE give you permission to attract all that is of Divine level good; for that, our dear Soul, is what WE wish for you.

You ask Us if you will be sick as you were in the past, the

times that you called sickness to yourself to make yourself


WE give you permission to take suffrage away and

not bring it to you again. To eliminate suffrage from

your reality.

You fear that your needs will not be taken care of as they

were not in the past when you brought fear of loss and

poverty to you.

WE give you permission to live in the abundance of

all the good life has to offer knowing that all your needs

are provided for when you live without doubt, but instead live with

the Faith of our existence and help in your life.

 You ask us to answer your questions. 

That is not our place.

Our place is to give You the support and knowledge to answer your own questions.

To give You lessons in life to grow from.

To prove to yourself, then show others.

 So, WE answer your questions simply by allowing you the knowledge that you can have it either way.

You can make any choice in life you want, with the knowledge that for every action there is a reaction.

You can call sick to you.

You can call perfect health to you.

You and you alone can make the choice.

WE will not judge you.

WE will always be here for you because you are one

of us, A Divine Soul on a mission of good.

WE know you are strong and can manifest all that is


WE share this with you often.

It is you who has not received.

WE give you permission today to receive these messages

of truth.

Now, the true question should be, do You give yourself


 MarilynLawrece Mandala





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