Marilyn Lawrence and Clackamas HS art winners

A Special Thank You

I can hear the applause…Three shout out’s please!

“A special thank you to Clackamas High School and art teacher, Ms Kayser for their help in making the illustration contest available to the students.
Thank you to Michael Paul of Fuseology Creative and Kay Derochie, editor for helping with the difficult task of judging the contest.”
“Lending a hand of inspiration to our children will make a better tomorrow for all of us. With encouragement and positive guidance, all barriers can be broken, revealing brilliant possibilities.

Remember to reach out to help make a difference of good in anyway that you can. I was able to with this contest. You can use the tools you have available to you.
One never knows until they try just how much of a difference they can make.”

Illustration Contest in action!

The winners circle.
1. Zoe Clegg (first place)
2. Liana Tarasenko (second place)
3. Carly Musser (third place)
4. Johanna Hausmann (fourth place)

Illustration contest winners for Clackamas HSI gave the sun a bath winnersMarilyn Lawrence and Clackamas HS art winnersClackamas HS Illustration class








Ms. Kayser’s Clackamas High School Art Class

Illustration Contest for I Gave the sun a bathArt students at Clackamas HighClackamas Illustration contest I gave the sun a bath art class








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