I Gave The Sun A Bath
I Gave the Sun a Bath Post6

An Environmentally Conscious Motivational Book for Children
By Marilyn Lawrence

Illustration by Zoe Clegg, Clackamas High School student
© 2016  Marilyn Lawrence | MarilynLawrence.com

Watch for more…  “I Believe” children’s books.

About the Illustration Contest
Marilyn Lawrence, in another step to help support young, creative minds, designed an illustration contest for her children’s book, I Gave The Sun A Bath and made one call…the local high school- Clackamas High School. The high school jumped at the opportunity it presented their art students.

Twenty-five contestants entered the contest and fourteen remained to the end. Four winners were announced and cash prizes were awarded by
Marilyn Lawrence. The first place winner, Zoe Clegg also earned the opportunity to illustrate I Gave The Sun A Bath.

“I would like to acknowledge and thank Clackamas High School for their support. And an extra special thank you to art teacher, Ms. Kayser, for going above and beyond every day and for her relentless help and support of the contest and her students! Thank you!”
~Marilyn Lawrence

“Check back here for the download of the song I Gave The Sun A Bath.
The young voices are still warming up to sing.”



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