Yachats, Or Pathways to Transformation Holistic Health Fair @ Yachats Commons
Aug 3 @ 9:00 am – Aug 4 @ 4:00 pm

24 years and still running strong! This is a popular event located in the high-energy area of Yachats on the Oregon Coast.

Both Dale and Marilyn will share insights and new “tools” designed to heal and open to a mindful lifestyle at their seminars.

Plus, they have a large booth filled with books that appeal to all ages.

AND, Marilyn is offering her private sessions. Her time slots fill up quickly to be sure to schedule early! One never knows “who” will come in with messages when you sit with Marilyn. Truly a life-impacting experience!

Monterey, CA Developing Mindfulness @ TBA
Oct 14 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

“If you have never had the chance to attend a seminar or worked with, Dale and Marilyn then you have missed out. They have literally changed my life!”

Don’t miss this opportunity to join Marilyn and Dale Lawrence in an evening of sharing, teaching, and developing new patterns to update the old ones, all geared at increasing your mindful awareness in your life. As they explain, “We all have catalogs of experiences that we have carried around since birth. These experiences are our lessons. There is no need to continue rerunning old lessons because it takes up energy that could be used at creating new exciting adventures. So let’s release the old stuff and bring in the new!”

Marilyn and Dale receive much of their information from the messages they receive from The Angels, The Masters, and Guides. In fact, you never know what, or who will “come in” when they are talking.

This will be a fun evening or learning and laughs!