Creating Your Life Board- More Powerful Than You Guessed!

January 28, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
NW Hypnosis & Integrated Medicine
16904 SE 1st St #104
Vancouver, WA 98684
Marilyn Lawrence
The goal of the workshop is to create an enthusiastic environment where we can create a Life Board.” Not just a goal board, or vision board, but a life board. Something I spoke about in a recent seminar in Nevada. 
The pressure of putting things on a board and trying to achieve them in a year is daunting. Let’s take a side-step and do it a bit differently. 
Let’s envision our “Goal/Dream Life” and make a board that represents that vision.
What does that mean?
Well…..what do you want? Everyone is different. No answer is wrong.
What is it that you want? Deep down inside of you in the secret hiding places where we hold on to dreams and goals. Afraid to speak about them, think about them for fear they may never come true….. It is time now to bring them in to the light. To bring them to our forefront of vision so that we can create the energy around each to make them a reality. And, no better way to start than having the vision of the item to look at every day on a board.
Below I have attached a life board that a woman I have coached regularly sent me. When we first began working together she was a nurse filled with fears and doubt. She wanted to leave her profession, but worried that she would fail. Guess what? Well….I will let her life board answer that question.
The power of creating a life board, using the correct affirmations, and empowering the right thoughts, words and actions can make miracles happen. I have seen it happen over and over!
What you will get with this workshop:
1). Materials to create your Life board, including poster board, markers, etc.
2). Coaching on the “Art of Affirmations” including some affirmations from my new book!
3). Aid in shifting thoughts, words, and actions that create stagnant behavior.
4). Aid in taking a side-step to get out of the old routine that keeps leading to the same place.
5). Universal and Angelic Support!
What you will need:
1). Pictures that represent your dreams and goals. (These can be from magazines, printed from online sites, etc.).
2). A list of what you want on your board.
3). A willingness to delve deeply into your inner desires.
4). Belief.
This will be a fun, interactive time of forward progression.
The cost is $30.00 and includes all supplies.
   16904 SE 1st Street ,Suite 104 Vancouver WA 98684


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 Join, Dr. Sherrie Davis,

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   Marilyn Lawrence,

             A New Year…. A New List?

                   A New List that May …or

May Not Happen???

          Does the idea of setting goals for another new yearExhaust you?

          Stimulate more Anxiety than Excitement? Perhaps even Depress you?

          Then perhaps it  is time to delve a little deeper into the reasons goals seem so daunting….AND, create a new charged vision for your life?



th let’s get together and talk about Goals….not just goals for one year, but goals for Life…Your life…the life You want.

It’s a fact, if a thought of  a goal creates excitement, it is in line with your purpose.

          >>>Learn ways of releasing the Hurdles that have been tripping you.

          >>>Learn ways to relax to aid focus.

          >>>Learn new techniques for life advancements.

          >>>Trigger your desires and dreams.

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