The subjects of the workshops and seminars are most often channeled messages designed to share messages and techniques for higher life awareness and to help lessen the loads of past life experiences have weighted us down with.

The material varies according to the needs of individuals, designed advancements, current world conditions, energies encompassing us, and, of course, the messages received.

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28 Day Sculpting Challenge

Utilizing Energy Magnetism to Sculpt the Life You Want to Live

“We are living in the Gestation of Our Actions.

Don’t like what You have grown?

Plant New Seeds!” Marilyn Lawrence


Your 28 Day Sculpting Challenge is a devotion to energy.

In 28 days, you will:

  • Gain knowledge of how the energy vibrations you send out via words, thoughts and actions; most of the time without cognizant involvement, is attracting to you the life you are living…both the good experiences, and the not so good experiences.
  • Learn how to channel, control and be consciously aware so that you can sculpt the life you want to live, by utilizing the simple Magnetic Formula of the Law of Energy Attraction.
  • Create a vision of the life you want to live.
  • Take proven steps to get there.


When you become aware of how a simple shift in energy vibrations will change what you attract, you can begin sculpting the life you want to live, rather than have your life “live you.”


Interestingly, and most often, the visions one desires to sculpt for themselves coincide with their mission statement/purposes for life.

  • Receive emails with step-by-step assignments geared at creating the shifts needed to reach your vision in-line with your highest and greatest good for this life. The assignments draw attention to your focus, emphasize your vision, and gently hand you back the steering wheel to your life.
  • Learn to identify triggers that create resistance and stagnant thinking.
  • Learn techniques for letting go of the “gunk” that is holding you back.
  • You will receive an email a day for the first two weeks. Three emails a week for the final two weeks. I will be available to assist via email with challenges.

A). Two, 1-Hour Coaching calls:

  • 1- Hour Coaching Conference Call: Clearing your mind space- Interactive call with Marilyn and Dale. ($200.00 value). Inclusive of a recording of the call.
  • 1-Hour Coaching Call: Leveraging Challenges to Create Momentum- Interactive call with Dale Lawrence ($125.00 value). Inclusive of recording of the call.

B). One, 30-minute Private Session with Marilyn Lawrence ($75.00 value).

C). Weekly Soul Journey– 5-minute message from Marilyn and/or Dale.

D). 28-Day Sculpting Challenge workbook. ($12.95 value)

E). Membership access to the Private 28 Day Challenge Facebook page. Interact with other participants, gain confidence, share experiences, grow together, boost drive, and watch for exclusive tips from Marilyn and Dale.

F). Sculpted Vision Materializing– (Priceless)

Cost $150.00

Repeating the course. $125.00


In Life- Results Are As Effective As Your Participation.


Don’t like portions of your life?

What have You done to design it? Are you conscious of it?

What are You doing to change it?

Join us virtually for 28 days while we work together to sculpt the way you want your life to be!

Positive affirmations, attracting what you want to you based on your words, thoughts and actions do work. Modifying behavior to incorporate the practice is the challenge for some. Some still operate in the doubt or judgment mode. Doubt that it will work; I don’t have time for it, and etc. All are your choices.

You may believe what you want to believe until you believe something else.

We will give you the information, We will leave a trail of breadcrumbs to a brighter tomorrow, and you can decide when you want to follow the path to a happier you.

Marilyn Lawrence 949-981-5487

Dale Lawrence










    “The Gathering of Messengers”   

We are all Messengers in this world in one form or another. Realization of this truth and then taking steps to enhance one’s abilities is our goal. We, “Messengers” need to Gather together to share techniques and tools to help with greater life experiences and forward progression.

A Sampling of Workshops (there are new items added often!) –

Clearing Past Life Victim Energy

Many men and women have experienced past lives where they were victimized. They were treated as though their life had no value; as though they were a possession or instrument, rather than a valued soul. In many cases, these suffering humans were treated worse than an animal. Because of the current shift to higher consciousness, many past life traumas, such as the victim energy are being stirred up. This provides an opportunity to release, once and for all this past life oppressed, persecuted and abused despair that has attached itself and hence has been carried into each life since the initial occurrence. Carrying the heaviness of these past-life encounters creates issues affecting self-value, self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence, positive self-image…A Lot about “self” that is not positive! This energy, unbeknownst to the individual, resonates with them still, thus, places them in positions of receiving the same treatment.


Goals and Purposes, Do Yours Align?

Setting goals are part of many people’s daily, monthly or yearly practice. Sadly many people set goals time after time and never accomplish them Discouraged and unsure why they could not achieve their goals and dreams, they lose faith in the practice and discontinue doing it, or do it simply to satisfy someone else’s request, disconnecting from the outcome and belief themselves. Not knowing that the real problem is, more than likely, the goals and dreams they are shooting for do not harmonize with the purposes they have for their current life.

In this workshop, you will learn how to remember your truths and purposes for this life and then draw goals aligned with them. When one works in their own truths and purposes, the universe supports such actions.

This is a fun interactive workshop that provides life-changing results.


Discover The You That You Have Been Hiding

In my travels and conversations with many beautiful souls, I have discovered an increasing call to “self.” Men and woman alike are finding themselves in a space of “lost conflict.” Searching hard to find happiness with no luck; using the tools that once worked, but seem to complicate the exploration even more now. Tearful conversations with these beautiful souls have prompted me to write this soul-finding workshop.

Most people have more than one purpose and their purpose will progress in life in accordance with their activities and age. We will work together to trigger the memories that are still trapped inside of you to help you remember your true self and why you are here at this time. Breaking through the barriers and walls of perceived protection reveals the beautiful soul that you were born into this life to be. Join Marilyn as she supplies the participants with exercises, tools, and affirmations that will aid in the removal of things that are not needed in the current life so that the memories of your truths and purpose will begin to charge your being again. Participants will leave feeling of lighter, freer and more in tune with themselves.




“Embracing YourEntrepreneurr Spirit.”

“Glam From The Inside Out.”

“Supporting Life Purpose and Angelic Involvement in the Human Realm.”

“Things I Have Learned So Far.”

“Releasing Resisters.”

“Discovering Your Dream Portal.”

“Life Boards- Experience The Power.”

“Giving Yourself Permission.”


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