The Lesson Of Patience and Time

Time picPatience is such a difficult lesson for humans because we are stuck in the “my life will only last so long” mode. Though true, time spent worrying and overthinking something is wasting and interfering with your given time.

When I talk to God or the Angels about my anxiousness to have things happen they laugh at me saying, “But it has only been a month…but it has only been a year…”  

Time in the grand theme of things is different than our immediate-action minds. There is much to be weaved together to have one successful move forward. If one moves too quickly then the weave will not be ready and there will be a hole in the process.

So yes, I too have work with patience, but understanding the value of timing makes it easier.

Remember to give and let go…and most importantly

Do Not Take it Back!

Allow your Dreams and Wishes the

Universal Time to weave together what is best for you. 

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