Reckless Abandon and Calculated Focus

DanceI have lived life with reckless abandon and I have lived life with calculated focus and what I have learned is both are valuable.

The reckless abandon experiences are memories that I can pull forward throughout life; laugh about, shake my head in disbelief and amazement about; learn valuable lessons from and then tuck away for the next time that I need them.

The calculated focus living is what keeps me moving forward on my path, above water and reaching goals.

Without one, the other would not have as much meaning; lessons would not be learned; values would not be clearly established. It is like moving forward with a joy-filled heart.

So next time a memory from your past jets in, rejoice in the fact that you experienced it. Laugh about the good, learn from the bad and show gratitude for being in the position of having the memories. Do not agonize over performances that you deem as less than perfect or noteworthy. Realize them, categorize them, laugh and then move forward. Pure love and a joy-filled heart are the things that should stay with you every day.

 So throw your head back and sing at the top of your lungs in the rain;
dance naked in front of the mirror;
finger paint a masterpiece AND frame it;
smile at everyone you see today;
howl at the moon… 

howlbecause you know inside, your reckless abandon will fill you with the
happiness and joy to stay on rack.

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