Our Belief Is Our Reality!

Good Morning!
I hope that you enjoyed a beauty-filled Easter!
I would like to share a story with you, a story that happened to me a year ago.

Last Easter, I was standing at my kitchen sink in full “Easter prep mode.” From my kitchen sink, I can look out two large windows that showcase trees, air, and the mountains in the distance. I also have birdfeeders on our deck outside the windows so that I can support and enjoy a variety of birds.

As I busied myself that morning, all of a sudden I noticed the air was filled with white. At first glance, I thought it was snowing. Then the horrifying, gut-wrenching reality hit me that what I was seeing were bird feathers. The feathers were white and floated straight up from below the deck. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing on Easter morning. I had just enjoyed seeing a bevy-family of doves enjoying their breakfast and surmised that a bird hawk had then just done the same.

I was seriously saddened deeply. Why on Easter morning did I have to experience this, I asked? Why this, on a day of glory?
Though some may not understand my reaction, others will. It was a burning sadness that stayed with me most of the day.

But then something amazing happened…at the end of the day when I was again back at the sink cleaning up after the festivities, a dove missing its tail feathers landed in front of me.

“How could this be, I thought? Was the dove not killed?”
I was thrilled with this possibility. As my mind played the reruns of what I had seen in the morning, pondering what I witnessed, I remembered the number of feathers I saw…as though it was snowing… the snow was floating up…the feathers were floating up, and the feathers were white…not the gray tones of a dove…

And then I received the message, “I have risen.”

I gasped. My eyes welled with tears.

It is not that I had witnessed the death of a bird, the bird was still with the earth. I had been gifted the chance to witness a miracle.

I was sent a dramatic message.

This message is with me today as strongly as it was the day it was delivered. I receive it.

And, as though this story of Divine messaging is not evidence enough of our constant connection…literally, as soon as I began writing this story to you, the “miracle dove” landed on the bird feeder just feet from me… Okay…..truth bumps galore!

I Believe!
I Know, Amazing things happen when you pay attention!
Our Belief Is Our Reality!
Give Gratitude, Monitor Your Beliefs, and Call In Your Miracles Today!

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