Marilyn Lawrence - Working your Divine Goal Checklist within Your Life purpose

Work Your “Divine Goal Checklist” Within Your Life Purpose for Maximum JOY!

Sometimes I get challenged when I talk about the concept of joy and life purpose.

In particular the “challengers” are of the thinking that when I state, “by following ones truths and purpose path, they will experience pure joy, almost a state of bliss”. The individuals that challenge this simply can not believe it is that easy. It has to be more difficult, life has to be hard.
Well, I am here to tell you that it really is just that easy. Don’t get me wrong, there will be challenges in life. We are human. Our bodies will eventually show signs of aging. We will encounter difficulties. The difference between someone who is following their Truths of Being path and someone who is not, is easy to see really. A person that operates in their truths is filled everyday with the joy of accomplishment. They are fulfilling the “divine goal checklist”, so to say, that they entered this life with. Their soul is happy, their being is happy, they are on task. So when a simple problem comes along they can deal with it from a place of positive light. They do not allow the problem to overtake them and run their life. They deal with it, release it and move on. Because they are so filled with joy, it is much easier to deal with anything ‘less than good’ when it is encountered.
However, when a person who is not operating in their path encounters problems, because they are not filled everyday with the joy of accomplishment from their Truths of Being, and because they are already operating from a place of sadness deep inside, the problems just pile one on top of each other. People will say, “of course this is happening to me”, “oh not again”, “if anything bad is going to happen, it will happen to me”, etc.,etc. I am sure you have heard these people…Marilyn Lawrence - Working your Divine Goal Checklist within Your Life purpose

Their being is filled with sadness. They are not fulfilling the promises that they made before entering this life, so they are living on a path that is not their own. Lost, confused, unsatisfied, they continue on a path never experiencing the joy of purpose accomplishment. Filling themselves with more sadness than joy. Some will sadly never make this realization, however some will understand that the hard lessons that have been sent to them are to help them wake up to the fact that the goals they chose for this life are waiting for them…waiting to be rediscovered...hoping to be rediscovered.

I have helped people reconnect with their own truths and purposes, so that they can begin experiencing a life of pure joy and they can also begin working on their life’s “divine goal checklist”.

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