From the Eyes of Ethan

From the Eyes of Ethan

I was at the grocery store a couple of days ago, and as I waited for the grocery clerk to ring and bag my groceries, I slothfully gazed around other check-out stands, each full of people doing the same as me, watching their carefully selected items scanned and bagged, most in a trance-like state, caught in between hurry, and hurry. A temporary pause.

As my eyes drifted, my attention focused on one check-out stand. There stood a boy next to his parents clenching his new toy. A large toy, large enough to take two hands as he carefully examined first the front, and then the back of the box. Inside was a pickup truck towing a trailer with what appeared from a distance to be motorcycles, or perhaps ATV’s. This boy’s eyes glimmered with excitement as his mind took him on a ride of imagination. Knowing that his new toy would be able to traverse any size mountain, crash and recover seamlessly, and maneuver any obstacle effortlessly. It was as though I could see the film of his imaginings playing out above him. His smile broad, he turned it over and back again, until finally asked to place the toy in the cart, which he dreamily did, not before one last long stare and smile.

This boy’s excitement in the potentials his imagination lead him, reminded me of when people allow limitless possibilities to consume and drive them. The excited twinges in the stomach, the almost insuppressible excitement to rip open the box, the hours of playing. I found myself standing and watching him with a large smile on my face. I felt compelled to go to the boy, via his parents, and thank him for the joy that he had given me. The reminder of the importance of allowing dreams and limitless possibilities to flourish.

Yes, Ethan was a brilliant example of unshackled desire and imagination. An example to be remembered, shared and enjoyed.

Thank you, Ethan and your parents! I hope that you found this appreciation to you!


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