Donovan Memory_mockup01_100For those of you who have read my new book, “A Donavan Memory”, or for that matter, any of my books, I have the enjoyment of naming the characters in my books after those I love.
Let me clarify now by saying, that I am not implying that the characteristic are the same. I could get in some hot water if I didn’t add that last disclosure! It is just my way of sending a permanent love kiss to those I love by including their name in print.
As for example, in A Donavan Memory, I used many of my family and friends names in the book, such as my grandmother. These kind of things warm my heart and create much joy more me.
In fact, in my grandmothers case, I dedicated “A Donavan Memory” to her, and used her picture, (when she was a young beautiful woman), in the book representing one of the main characters, Violet.

It was not until today, by some strange fluke, that I found out that my grandmothers middle name was Violet! I sat in stunned disbelief as my eyes read over and over her name. Luella Violet Still McIsaac.

Today my grandmother visited me. I feel humbled and filled with joy.
We are never alone. Our loved ones are with us always, as are the Angels. Remember to talk with them and ask them for help. It gives their presence with you, a purpose!

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