Donovan Memory_mockup01A Donavan Memory

A romance rich in life lessons for being better humans

by Marilyn Lawrence
© 2016 Dragonfly Media |

and so it begins…New Romance Book Ignites More Than the Usual Sensations

Marilyn Lawrence, author of From Pink to Blue, On An Angel’s Wing, and I Gave The Sun A Bath, ventures into the world of sultry romance with her new book, A Donavan Memory.

True to Lawrence’s style, inspiring messages are woven throughout A Donavan Memory’s love story as the reader follows the path of Gabrielle Montsavor, who is seeking to start over in a new place with a less stressful, more genuine lifestyle. Gabby is quickly swept into the town’s pulse, including the introduction to some of the area’s most eligible men; one in particular will passionately ignite a fire that has long been forgotten.

Much to Gabby’s surprise, her new home town’s simple façade leads to much more than she anticipated, as she not only rediscovers her long-forgotten passion but also experiences the fulfillment of redefining herself.

Amidst the complexities of character that can be found in “Any-Little Town,” USA, temperatures boil and cool, friends are defined, and the body is reawakened. However, it’s the bond that builds between Gabrielle and an elderly woman that delivers the biggest surprise and the truest messages of life, taking her on a path of self-discovery that not only changes her life, but the lives of all she touches.

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