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    Angel Translator

      Available for single/group sessions Marilyn has helped many people remove obstacles from their lives so they can once again feel the infinite joy of their own purpose. Marilyn’s work is grounded in the strong belief that every person has been placed in this world with a special divine gift to share and a purpose […]

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    From Pink to Blue

    Angel Author Marilyn Lawrence An easy to read, well thought out book that provides insight into our journey through life. Starting with our youth and discussing how things we love or want are essentially “trained” out of us, accepting it as normal. Then, as we get older, realizing what happened, and now having to retrain […]

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    Available for speaking engagements Marilyn’s seminars, classes and workshops are always enlightening and filled with messages resonating with her audience and the tools needed to use them in your personal life. Marilyn’s intent and goal is to first, speak the truth, and second, speak from a place of pure heart and pure love.

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  • The Lesson Of Patience and Time

    Patience is such a difficult lesson for humans because we are stuck in the “my life will only last so long” mode. Though true, time spent worrying and overthinking something is wasting and interfering with your given time. When I talk to God or the Angels about my anxiousness to have things happen they laugh […]

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    Kudos “Super Dad to the Rescue!”

    I spent the day at the Oregon coast recently and was reminded of my youth. As a child my family and I spent much of our summer at our family beach house. It was a quaint little place filled with artistic expression. I have many fond memories of my grandparents, cousins, siblings and parents there. […]

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    Watch For Your Miracles Today!

    My dog Maya and I were out for our morning walk today. As we pushed up the long hill, I welcomed the opportunity Maya awarded us when she had to stop at a new “smell spot.” It was at one of these that I looked up the hill in front of us to determine how […]

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    Enjoy some of “On An Angel’s Wing”

    Excerpt from On An Angel’s Wing Page 83, “On An Angel’s Wing” From the Angel Teacher- “…Nothing is ever lost. All is how it is supposed to be. Some human souls leave the earth plane before others. Their jobs are done. All souls have assignments, as we have discussed…, that they take with them to […]